Tanya Huggins, BDM Amazon

Adobe and Apple! George was my go to consultant when for customers of Adobe in his region. George is a technical genius and offers red carpet treatment to all. I worked at Adobe for 12 years, George's was a channel partner and consultant. His kindness to my customers and fast response times make him unforgettable. He helped my region bring in year over year success. If you are looking for an Apple expert and cutting edge consultant you are in expert hands with George.

Dan Phipps, Executive Director

George provides exceptional service. His solutions are practical, creative and quality. He has the ability, from real experience, to see things from the perspective of a business owner. He has always directed us to make the best purchase by answering the questions that we don't enough to ask.

George has always delivered on-time, on-budget and leaves everyone happy. He is a joy to work with.

Tom McFadden, Consultant

George is one of the smartest business managers I know. His technical and marketing expertise are among his many impressive qualities, as well as being an honest and good-natured business partner in all the endeavors we have tackled together. 

I rely on George for his intelligent and straightforward appraisals in a variety of business situations. I see him continuing as a successful sales & marketing or business manager at any enterprise he sets out with.

Brooks Gilley, 52 Limited

George is an exceptional person and professional. I have used George as an consultant/vendor for 5 years and he is the best of the best. He has exceptional knowledge and operates with highest level of integrity. George rocks! Enough said.

Patrick Lamb, Musician

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to have worked with George and The Mac Pac over the last few years. George and the Mac Pac have participated in supporting local artists and talent here in Portland Oregon by sponsoring different music events and also consistently involving their company in media promotions that involve their own community. I've worked with George on an event with one of the Temptations and Spinners that they sponsored, a television commercial, and in the context of all the macintosh computers that I use for music production. George is an integrity person who is very personable, backs up his company, products, services and stands behind them. I have appreciated the opportunity to work with him!

Doug Zanger, Senior Editor

There is just no other place to go to get high-level service and expertise. If we have questions, George will always seek out the answers to ensure that we are taken care of. His vast experience with Apple products is second to none and he has been able to keep us focused of doing the best work we can, not our computer issues.